About NWTP

Not With The Program (NWTP) is a growing, loose-knit, interdisciplinary consortium. We are students, authors, artists, and regular folk who are learning and working together to understand and to prevent institutional abuse. Together and separately, we are reaching out to legal experts, social workers, psychologists, parents, policy makers and others to promote interest and advocacy in these areas.

Who’s in:
  • Zack Bonnie stillfromlastvid

    Young people deserve a protective standard to shield them from the corruption, predation, and greed of the systems and individuals meant to protect them! Teens have the affirmative right to develop into the strong, healthy adults they will become without undue influence, and without threats to their individual autonomy and ... Read more

  • Marcus Chatfield Marcus Chatfield

    Concepts on the Soapbox

    June 2016

    When I hear the phrase, “not with the program,” I wish there was a program I could “get with.” In a couple months, I will be starting school as a graduate student hoping ... Read more

  • Ginger McNulty Site Admin

    A former drug war POW and dedicated advocate for victims of the drug war generally and the troubled teen industry specifically, she was placed by her parents in a warehouse in Sarasota, Florida then held captive and tortured from late 1980 to late 1982 by sadistic lunatic Stepcraft fanatics operating under the name Straight, Inc. 

    Ok, ... Read more