Projects supported by NWTP

Not With The Program was initiated as a publishing mark for Zack Bonnie’s Dead, Insane, Or In Jail  book series.

Having published the first book in the series, A CEDU Memoir and nearly completed book 2, Overwritten, it’s time now to begin focused work on the broader mission of helping to promote education and scientific inquiry into all aspects of coercive institutionalized behavior modification.

Institutionalized Persuasion By Marcus Chatfield is our first supported project. After two decades of independent study, Marcus enrolled at Goddard College, designing his curriculum to focus on the prevention of institutional child abuse. He graduated in 2013; this book is his thesis. We figured he could use a book page, a spot to present his published supporting work and a blog to comment on relevant issues.

In addition, we’ll be inviting guest bloggers to write about their projects and generally looking for ways that we can help and support all of the good people who are not with the program and working hard to bring about an end to abusive practices in institutional settings.