Sneak Preview

Well, you don’t really have to sneak. There is much to do yet and always will be. This is a work in progress. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • The NWTP shop┬áis now functional. Please use the comments section at the foot of each item page to give your review. If you have suggestions for book and media items that should be included, please let us know! You can either register a username and make a post about it or just email us and we’ll get around to it.
  • We’ve started a book/author page for Marcus Chatfield’s Institutionalized Persuasion. Do you know of a worthy project that could use a little of this kind of help? Please let us know.
  • We’ve started a lexicon. Please feel free to register as a user and add to the collection.
  • Read more about it here

Are you Not With The Program? Are you working on a project relating to the troubled teen industry or other institutional abuse issues? Do you know of upcoming events we should add to our calendar? Other information we should add to this site? Wanna tell us how wonderful, horrible, wise or misguided we are?

Hold forth!